Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{Top Ten Tuesday} Pinterest Projects I'm DYING To Make

My mom always decorated nicely for holidays when I was growing up. Even simple holidays were a big deal for us. So holidays have remained a big deal for me. I try to decorate as well, though I don't have as much of an eye for it as she does. So needless to say, many of my "MUST DO" projects from pinterest are holiday themed. Here are a few that I think will be making appearances around my house soon -- I hope!! And I'll be sure to update with pictures of them when they are completed :-)

  • Fourth of July Wreath {some variation of this}

  • Family Initial Sign

  • Mitten Snowman

  • Easter Garden

  • Easter Egg  Garland {I wanted so badly to make this this year but I felt too guilty taking all those paint samples! I'll have to stock up a little at a time to make it for next year}

  • Halloween Boo Sign {I am absolutely positively making this!!! I think I'll start soon!}

  • Un-Paper Towels {I have wanted to make these for awhile. Adorable REUSABLE "paper" towels. Time to green up the kitchen!}

Source: etsy.com via Emily on Pinterest

  • Quiet Book {I want to make one of these so bad. But they are a lot of work. And my kids probably wouldn't care much about it anymore}

  • Embroidery Hoop Turkey

  • Valentine's Heart Tree {Came very close to making this last year but couldn't find a tree I liked}


  1. I really want to make the cloth paper towel roll too! I can at least sew a square... but putting the snaps on may be more difficult...

    1. Those are o cute. I've really got to start going to that site. Can't wait to see them in your home. Mom


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