Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jacob at 3 and a half

Weight: 38 lbs
Height: 38 inches
Favorite Food: fruit loops, granola bars, gummy snacks, fruit, tacos
Favorite Toy: batman, superheroes, movies, his bike
Frequent Phrases: "I love... {insert any variety of random things here}" "I'm not taking a nap"
New Accomplishments: can count to twenty (ish), can do some minor subtracting, can write a few letters with help, can fully dress and undress himself, can open the back door, can open the door on the van, can mostly buckle himself in to his car seat, can sing lots of songs, has an amazing memory, actually wants to go to school now, joined the church choir and sang at two services
Likes: superheroes and bad guys, books, movies, playing outside, candy, helping, going to grandma and grandpa's house or lolo and papa's house, talking on the phone
Dislikes: taking naps, not getting his way, having someone do something for him that he knows how to do








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  1. What a cutie and so accomplished! Mom


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