Monday, June 4, 2012

Proud Mama Monday 6/4/12

Jacob: "There's three bananas. But after I eat one, there will only be two bananas."
Holy crap. My three year old can do subtraction. We weren't even looking at the bananas when he said that!! 

Jacob wrote a pretty awesome looking F the other day when we were trying to write the word "Fruit" after making a fruit sticker art project. 

Jordan has learned more and more words every single day. He can say animal sounds for dog, cat, cow, and duck. 

Jordan had a brand new dry diaper on, went and sat on his potty, then came over and pointed to the front of his diaper and said "wet" Sure enough, he had peed! He's been letting us know more and more when he's pooped and when his diaper is wet too. 

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