Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jordan: 22 Months

Weight: 24 lbs
Height: 32 inches
Size: He wears 18 or 24 month tops but 12-18 month pants. His bathing suit is size 12 months and falls off of him. Tiny boy!
Favorite Food: Cheese, apples, olives, blueberries, mostly any fruit
Words: EVERYTHING!! He repeats absolutely everything we say. He talks constantly and has new words every day. He has said up to four words in a row {"Mommy I did it"}
New Accomplishments: Said four words in a row, can jump into the swimming pool under water and find his way up to the surface, can put his face underwater, can take his shoes off, he learned how to fist pump at church {lol!}
What We Did This Month: Went to the Splash Pad, Celebrated the 4th of July and watched fireworks, Went on vacation to The Carolinas, first time at the ocean, Played with shaving cream {he was not a fan!}, I chipped his two top front teeth at the pool from a basketball :-(
Likes: balls, cars, food, being chased, his block, his pacifier, being thrown, being tickled, books, playing peekaboo, climbing, blocks, doing things he knows he's not supposed to, playing in water, jumping in the pool and going down the slide, being outside, swinging, sitting on his potty
Dislikes: going inside, being held down, being touched by Jake, being told no, having his diaper changed, having his teeth brushed, going to the dentist, taking a shower


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  1. He's a cutie and so much fun to be around. Love all the words he's saying and his daredevil attitude. Lolo


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