Monday, August 27, 2012

Proud Mama Monday 8/27/12

We have a baby's first words book and Jordan can name all the pictures on one of the pages. (Things like: flower, dog, cat, fish, car, shoes, tractor, train, stroller, orange, apple, ball... that's all I can remember off hand) 

Jacob has been very consistently staying dry in his diaper over night!!! I really never thought this day would come! I am SO proud of him!!

Jordan is saying EVERYTHING! And carrying on conversations that make sense!! 

Both the boys are so sweet. I was telling Matt how I hurt my shoulder and Jordan said "Kiss it!" and he kissed it for me to make it all better. Aww. 

Jake is working on writing letters. We're struggling big time with it but I'm proud of him for the effort he's putting in! 

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