Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sleeping Arrangements

When I first found out I was pregnant with Jordan, I had planned to keep the kids in the same bedroom. When we found out Jordan was another boy, the plan felt even more perfect. We always tended to wonder how the sleeping arrangements would work out -- would Jordan's waking up during the night wake up Jake also? But, Jacob is such a hard sleeper that he usually stays asleep. The room sharing has worked out for the most part. 

Finding out I was pregnant with baby #2 when Jacob was just barely a year old was terrifying. But our hope with the kids so close together in age was that they would be best friends. That is part of the reason we wanted them in the same room. 

Ever since Jordan's crib was changed to a toddler bed, he has always tried climbing in bed with Jacob at night. That is why we attempted putting the kids in the same bed. However, Jacob has legs like mine that dig and kick all night long and poor Jordan would always end up getting kicked right out of the bed -- literally! After a few falls we decided to separate the kids again. 

It's funny how long it takes them to fall asleep when they are sharing a bed -- always touching or bugging one another. But once you separate them, they end up right back together -- only this time, sleeping. 

I guess it's safe to say they ended up best friends as we had hoped. And while we would prefer they sleep in their own beds {mostly because one of them always ends up squished against the bed rail at some point of their sleep sharing} who can really argue to two brothers falling asleep in the comfort of each other's presence? 


  1. The last picture melted my heart. SO sweet!!

  2. Those two pictures are the sweetest things as are the boys when they are sleeping. I absolutely love the pictures and the boys! Mom


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