Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bean Bags

Last week I got myself interested in making a set of beanbags for Jacob. I was inspired by my friend, Adrian, who mentioned making some for her son. So off we went to the fabric store.

I decided to do each of the primary colors in his rainbow themed toy room and make two of each. This way we would end up with 10 bean bags - perfect for learning numbers! And with all of the colors, they are perfect for learning colors as well. Thanks to my former-teacher mother, it's always all about education over here.

I cut the fabric at 19 cm by 19 cm. I simply made a visual of how big I wanted them and added a few cm to each side to allow for stitching. I did it in cm because Jake was napping and our yard stick is in his bedroom. Measuring and cutting are my least favorite parts of sewing.

I sewed around three edges and part way around the fourth edge. Then I flipped them inside out (it didn't matter too much which sides were up and down because the fabric was the same on both sides - though one side did have my pen marks on them!) Once they were flipped I filled them up with rice. I used rice because Adrian had mentioned using rice and I thought it was a good idea. It made them really squishy, plus if they break apart on accident, it won't be a big deal. If either Jake or the dog eats them, neither will choke or get sick on it. Once they were filled to how squishy I wanted them, I pressed the unsewn edge down and sewed once more all the way around the bean bag. This time, I did not take the needle out of the bag for corners.

Here is the finished project. I think they turned out pretty good! They aren't perfect but Jake doesn't care. And for my first attempt at anything like this, I am pretty proud of myself :-)


  1. I like it. But what do you mean by "and this time I did not take the needle out of the bag for the corners?" Do you use pull the needle up when you do corners or something? I can't do corners unless I leave my needle down and then turn the fabric.

  2. Well, remember I am not a sewer. For the first stitches I just sew edge to edge and overlap.


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