Friday, July 23, 2010

The Latest and Greatest

Seems like lots of things have been happening the last few days. Here's quick snippet of the latest and greatest in our lives.

Dentist: Jacob had his first dentist appointment on Thursday, July 22nd. We brought him to the pediatric dentist that Matt's Aunt Susie works for. Jacob fussed/cried a little while he was on the table but overall he did pretty well. He has great teeth with no signs of decay! They were very pleased that we don't feed him juice or candy. They would like us to wean him from his sippy cup and pacifier though... but I don't have any plans on doing that until he is at least 2, unless he shows an interest in weaning himself. His teeth are a little too close together which could cause a problem when his adult teeth come in - there may not be enough room for them. He also already has a slight overbite (which is why they want us to wean the sippy/paci) He got to pick out a treasure from the treasure chest... he picked a bug and a zebra sticker. He also got two new toothbrushes. And the dentist showed us some new techniques for teeth brushing. We don't have to bring him back for a year.

Haircut: Supercuts was having a training day on Thursday so we took Jacob in for a free haircut. He was due for one anyway. We went after his dentist appointment and he was being quite a stinker! He would not sit still for anything. The haircut looks nice on him and they did a good job, especially considering the challenge he was.

Before & After of his hair

Play: In between the dentist and Jake's haircut we had some time to kill so we brought him to the play area at Woodland Mall. We hadn't been to that one before. He loved it! While we were there, this little girl stood in the middle and just started crying. All the kids sort of stopped what they were doing and looked at her. Jacob walked over, bent down and looked up at her and said "HI!!!!!!" When that didn't stop her from crying, he went over and hugged her. It was so cute! I was laughing so hard that I was crying. She stopped crying while he hugged her but started again whenever he would walk away. He kept going back and trying again. Adorable.

Potty: Wednesday night (July 21st) when I was putting Jacob into his diaper for the night, he sort of beared down a bit and let one rip. So I thought maybe he was going to poop. So I took him into the bathroom and put him on his potty. He didn't end up pooping, though he did bear down a few more times, but he did pee in the potty! I was so proud of him. He peed a lot too! Once he was done, he got up and went over to the regular toilet and tried to flush it. He's definitely putting all the pieces together. The next night (Thursday) Matt set him down on the potty again before his bath and he peed some more. He also beared down again but didn't poop on it. So I think he really "gets" it. Like I've mentioned before, though, we aren't going to start potty training until after #2 has arrived since it's too much change for him at one time. We are just getting him familiar with the idea since he has shown an interest in it already.

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  1. He looks like such a little boy! He's getting so big!


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