Monday, July 5, 2010

Menu Planning

I am still awake. No, not by choice. Our stupid, redneck neighbors are still lighting off fireworks (yes, at almost 12.30am) and I cannot sleep through that. More than that, my stupid legs are restless. I finally gave up.

Last week Matt and I (okay, I) decided to be grown-ups and start menu planning for the week. I mean, we already are married, own a home, are parents, and have real career jobs, so I guess it's time to be adults here (bummer!) Despite a few hiccups (the grocery store not having what I needed for one day and having to do a quick substitute and then my getting sick for three days and not eating) it went pretty well for week one. I have decided to share our weekly menus in here. Most things won't require recipes, at least not at first, but maybe some day I can share those as well. This is, of course, until I get bored of sharing. Suggestions for meals are ALWAYS welcome!!! Especially easy crock-pot meals!!

Monday: Left over day.
We have plenty of left overs from last week that are going to go bad so might as well!

Tuesday: Tacos
This one was missed last week due to my being sick.

Wednesday: Pulled pork sandwiches, salad
This is a new recipe for us. I am going to follow this recipe that I found to make it.

Thursday: Steak, twice baked potatoes, frozen veggies

Friday: Pizza (homemade)

Saturday: Grilled chicken, brown rice, steamed carrots
Another left over from last week's sickness

Sunday: Tortellini, salad

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  1. Looks good! I hope it goes well!


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