Monday, July 5, 2010


Today Jacob is 19 months old!!! Wow, time flies!! He hasn't done much in the way of changing since the last post about him but I thought a few Jake-isms would be a fun way to remember this stage of his life. Here are a few "words" he says fairly regularly and the way in which he says them.

Hello/Hi - hi, eye (usually accompanied by a wave)
Bye-Bye - baba (usually accompanied by a wave)
Daddy - Dada, DaDEEE
Mama/Mom - Dada (yup!)
Baby - baba, BAYYbeee
Thank You - DAH-du
Hot - ot
Brr - buh
Yuck - uck, bluck
Yum - MMMMMMMMMM, num num
Ow - ow
Kitty - giDEE


Thanks for the love! I appreciate all feedback!


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