Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jacob at 34 Months (2 years 10 months)

Weight: I didn't weigh him again this month, I'm guessing around 34 lbs still
Height: I didn't measure him again this month
Favorite Food: He's in a major anti-eating phase right now. He likes cheese sticks, gummy snacks (fruit snacks), bananas, dinosaur chicken (shaped chicken nuggets), cheetos, basically junk food of any kind
Favorite Toy: he's been big into playing with his kitchen lately, he also loves reading books, playing cars and trucks, playing dinosaurs, and just having conversations between different toys
Frequent Phrases: "What?", "Why?", "Watch", "Come here", "NO!", "I don't like you", "I don't want you", "Where's Daddy?" "Can I go to (insert Grandma, Grandpa, Lolo, Papa)'s house?", "I want...", and just recently in the past day or so "mmmhmmm"
New Accomplishments: he can put his shoes and socks on by himself although lately he's been in a phase where he doesn't want to dress himself anymore, he wants us to do it. he can sing lots of songs, he knows his address, he knows how to get to the library and home, he can count to 16
What We Did This Month: we didn't do much, we spent a lot of the month sick. we went swimming at the YMCA, went to Hagar park with Daddy, celebrated Jordan's first birthday, had a get together with Matt's mom's family
Likes: Spiderman, cars and trucks, blocks, reading, jumping, doing somersaults, being tickled, Monsters Inc, his grandparents, bathrooms, baths/showers, hiding, junk food
Dislikes: sharing the attention, when Daddy isn't home, cooperating, dressing himself, trying new food



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