Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jordan: Twelve Months

As I've mentioned several times now, Jordan is now a year old. He turned one on September 30th. He weighed 20.2 lbs and was 29.5 inches long. His head circumference was 46 cm. He still has red hair and blue eyes and at one he had 5 teeth with a 6th about to pop through (it has by the time I am getting around to writing this!) He wears mostly 12 month clothes but does wear a few 9 month still and very few 18 month.

Jordan still breastfeeds about 3-4 times a day. He eats everything else. There is nothing that kid doesn't like. His favorites are: MEAT!, hamburger, steak, chicken, cheese, hummus, puffs, fruit of all kinds, pickles, EVERYTHING!!

Jordan has been consistently sleeping through the night now (knock on wood, it only took 11 months!) but he does still wake up some nights here and there. He always goes right back to bed after nursing. He falls asleep on his own as long as he has his pacifier and block that I made him. He pretty much always sleeps on his side or his back.

He has been experimenting more with sounds. He copies, or tries to, almost everything we say! It's adorable.

Jordan started walking on his birthday. Since I am writing this late I will say that since his birthday he has been walking more and more but he's still about half and half with walking and crawling. Jordan still loves balls, car and trucks, blocks, music, and dancing. He loves climbing and being thrown in the air. He learned how to climb off of the couch/bed/my lap/etc and how to climb onto the coffee table, my sewing box, the table in the toy room, etc. He's also learned how to climb out of his farm activity center. He officially can't be contained anymore! He has a fascination with the dog dishes, very frustrating!!

Jordan, as well as Jacob and myself, had a bout of sickness this past month. Luckily, Jordan got it the least severe as the rest of us. He had a fever for only a day and coughed for a few days. He sounded almost croupy at times but not quite. We used his inhaler for him once or twice and he was fine after awhile. Poor little guy! I hate it when he's sick!

Here's some pictures from last month


look how much I've grown! the ribbon is my height at birth

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