Friday, October 14, 2011

Jordan's First Birthday Party

We had a great time at Jordan's first birthday party. We did a Winnie The Pooh theme, thanks to my husband buying me the Wilton 3D Bear cake pan. I think it all turned out really cute.

We invited our family and close friends and it was a small party which was nice. Jordan got a lot of nice things as gifts - including new carseats for our cars {okay, this was more for us than for him ;-) } He was getting a bit overwhelmed with all the new things but he didn't have any meltdowns or anything. Jacob was slightly jealous of his new things but they ahve been good about sharing them.

The cake turned out pretty cute but I didn't think it tasted the greatest. We didn't take too many pictures of Jordan eating it since he already had his first taste of cake on his actual birthday. But he still enjoyed it!

Now on with the pictures from the party!

pooh cake

birthday banner

all set up

the highchair balloons

yummy fruit salad

plates, napkins, utensils all set up

opening his first present

"WOW!!!" - Jacob, he decided to open this one himself

Jordan checking out the weebles tree house from Marcy, Bob, Stella, and Anthony

opening presents

rocking horse from Grandma Joan (GG)

If there's something to climb on, Jordan is on it

opening presents

xylophone from Uncle Buddy

showing him how it works

he likes it!

opening  more presents

car track from Mom and Dad

he was not a fan of the birthday hat

Jordan and his cake

playing with the balloon strings

digging in

he likes it

Jordan with Lolo and Papa

Jordan with Aunt Minnie

Jordan with Grandpa and Grandma

our family

eating the balloon ribbons

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  1. Everything looks wonderful! You did a great job on the cake. And the birthday banner is so neat!

  2. Oh happy be-lated birthday to him!!! I just love that cake!!!

    I love his hair color to. My dad and one of my nephews have red hair. I always wanted one red head!


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