Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{Top Ten Tuesday} Reasons I Cloth Diaper

Top Ten {Tuesday}

1. It's better for the environment. When I started cloth diapering it was all about the impact on the environment. It made me physically sick to think about the amount of diapers we were throwing away using disposables and how long they would sit in the landfills. 

2. It's better for baby's skin. This wasn't so much an issue for Jacob. He can tolerate anything on his buns, including the awful Pampers Baby Dry that gives most babies rashes. Jordan, on the other hand, is almost guaranteed to have his buns bleed if he's been in a disposable diaper that day. And they are most certainly red if nothing else. Poor kid has very sensitive skin!

3. It saves money. Yes, it's expensive to start out with cloth diapering, but it saves SO much money in the long run. $20 for one diaper? Yeah, but I can reuse that diaper. Versus the $40 we were spending a week that we're never getting back!

4. They are customizable. Disposables are what you get. With cloth, you can add extra inserts for more absorbency at night. You can change the kind of inserts for more or less absorbency, bulk, etc. You can use different styles for different times of day or different activities. I can even take the inserts out of my diapers and use the shells as swim diapers. There are so many options!!

5. They are adorable! Would you believe that when I was first wanting to cloth diaper, I said to Matt "I'll probably order all white diapers" Now I'm all about fun colors and prints. There are so many adorable diapers out there that it's become quite addicting. I have my eye on a few new ones! 

6. They are SO easy! Disposable diapers are, of course, about as easy as it gets. But cloth diapers are really just as easy. It was overwhelming when I was considering switching to cloth diapers. But I am SO glad I had the resources I did (Thanks Jen!) and overcame that. It is so easy to wash and care for my diapers. 

Okay, so I can only think of 6 solid reasons why I cloth diaper instead of 10. Either way, I am so thankful that I made the switch. I love using cloth so much! And it was definitely a stepping stone into "greening" up our lives in other ways. 

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  1. i like #6, they are much easier than i thought they'd be


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