Monday, November 7, 2011

Jacob Michael, 35 Months (2 years 11 months)

In less than a month my {big} little man is going to be 3 years old. That just doesn't seem possible.

Weight: 34.2 lbs
Height: 37 inches
Favorite Food: He was in an anti-eating phase for a long time. He likes junk food though. And there's always room for a "gummy snack" (fruit snacks). He also loves cheese sticks, yogurt, granola bars, and apples. And McDonald's.
Favorite Toy: dinosaurs, blocks, Spiderman (he's spiderman, I'm a variety of bad guys), reading
Frequent Phrases: "mmmmhmmm" (at the beginning of the month), "What?", "Can I watch a movie?", "I want...", "I don't want....", "Can I do this?" (while doing something he knows he's not supposed to do), "Don't go without me!"
New Accomplishments: nothing new this month
What We Did This Month: celebrated Jordan's first birthday, went to the apple orchard, celebrated Halloween - he dressed up as Spiderman, he got sick again with pneumonia :-(
Likes: Spiderman, candy, Monsters Inc, The Little Mermaid, gummy snacks, dancing and singing, reading books, going to his Grandparents' houses,  blocks, cars and trucks, dinosaurs, looking at catalogs, his medicine, collecting pine cones
Dislikes: taking naps, going to bed at night, trying new food, not getting his way, sharing

To Remember: His doctor's name is Dr. Wynalda. Jake calls him Dr. Wynola Bar. So funny!


jumping off the chair

helping with dishes

helping to rake

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