Friday, November 4, 2011

Jordan at 13 Months

Weight: Okay I win the "Bad Mom Award" because not only have I not been weighing Jacob at his months but I also forgot to weigh Jordan at his. And his weight is actually still changing!!
Height: see above
Favorite Food: anything and everything!! He is SUCH a good eater. The only thing we have found so far that he doesn't like is anything spicy
Words: "ball" "mama" "woof" "bubble" "eat" He also says "thh" anything he's pointing to something
New Accomplishments: he gives kisses and makes kiss sounds (so cute!), he can blow kisses, he's walking really well now even in shoes, he can climb on anything, he can climb out of his high chair (grr), he brushes his hair, he can flush the toilet, he can point to things, got tooth #6
What We Did This Month: We had Jordan's 1st birthday party, we went to Klackle's apple orchard, Jordan had his 1 year doctor appointment, we went to the Zoo Goes Boo, we celebrated Halloween (though technically that was after his month-birthday)
Likes: eating, copying his brother, his mom, balls, climbing, being held, nursing, his sensory block, eating paper, magnets, looking at the tree in our front yard, books, blocks, "flying" (being swung in the air), playing with the dog's dishes, water, baths/showers, bubbles, going to the library, his rocking horse
Dislikes: having his diaper changed, spicy food, brushing his teeth, being set down, being held on his back like a baby, bottles


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  1. I am such a proud gramma. He's doing great. Also, he can say "block" . Such a big boy!


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