Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful Thirty: Day 8

I am thankful that we live so close to an amazing Children's Hospital.

Jordan is home now and sleeping, whew. He was completely not himself and a high fever came out of nowhere. He got some meds and a chest xray which looked normal. Like a typical male patient, after talk of a catheter {and IV fluids and blood cultures} he turned himself around and perked right up, as if he knew what a catheter was! So we declined the tests {aka torture} and are keeping watch on him at home. Continued prayers for his recovery are appreciated!

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  1. Poor guy. I'm so glad he's feeling better. He sure was sick little boy. Thanks for being such good parents and taking him to the ER to get him the best care when he needed it the most. You guys are wonderful parents. Mom


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