Monday, January 16, 2012

Personal Challenge: Day 1

I decided to take the challenge I posted earlier this week from pinterest. I'm only committing to this week so far. Today was Meatless Monday. The Challenge: Obvious as it sounds, to avoid eating any meat for the day. This was by far the easiest day for me. After having avoided eating meat for five and a half years, avoiding it for a day is like nothing. I rarely even choose to eat meat for myself anyway.

For breakfast I had a bowl of Meijer's version of Special K with strawberries. For lunch we had macaroni and cheese with carrots and broccoli. For a snack I had some animal crackers. And I didn't end up eating anything for dinner except for two bites of Jacob's grilled cheese sandwich and one blueberry. I was too busy getting the kids ready and the house picked up some. So all in all, it was an easy "challenge" for day 1.

Tomorrow is Tiny Tuesday and I predict this is going to be a LOT harder for me. Tuesday is about watching your portion sizes -- something I am terrible at doing! I have already measured out my portions for breakfast. And my lunch is packed for at work. I'll update tomorrow evening on how the day goes. Wish me luck!!

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