Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who's Got Spirit?

Swagbucks does!

Starting on Monday (January 23rd) Swagbucks is hosting a Spirit Week! Each day of the week they will be celebrating a different holiday, which will be announced the day before. So come by and enjoy some fun and games and of course your chance to earn rewards for free stuff! As a special treat, make sure you are keeping track of each day's swag codes -- you will need them at the end for a nice sweet juicy swagbucks treat!

Who's excited??? Get your spirit faces on!! And if you haven't already signed up for swagbucks, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Head on over and snag your sign up bonus and don't forget -- tomorrow is another Mega Swagbucks Friday where you can earn extra high rewards just for searching the web and doing things you already do!

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