Monday, December 6, 2010

Jacob Michael: Two Years

Jacob is two years old today (yikes!) He has amazed us beyond words as his personality has developed. He has become such a sweet and happy little boy. Looking back at the Jacob from a year ago and comparing it to the Jacob today is just astounding. What a year of growth and development it has been!

Last year on his birthday he wasn’t walking. He wasn’t talking. We had no idea that he was going to become a big brother – and such a good one at that! At a year old he weighed 24 lbs and was 29 ¼ inches tall. Today he weighs 32 lbs and is 34 ½ inches tall.

Jacob loves SO many things. Books, trips to the library, Barney (a new found love last week – not sure if it’s actually Barney or the fact that he’s finally allowed to watch TV), puzzles, cars and trucks, trains, tools, climbing, blocks, animals, milk, water, zippers, buckles, music. He loves playing with just about everyone. He will grab your hand and pull you to wherever he wants you to be or point to the floor or the chair he wants you to sit in. He’s become clingy to stuffed animals. His “friends” that go almost everywhere with us are Mickey (“Minnie”), Donald (“Nanal”), and Grinch (“Nee”). He also likes Curious George (“Guh”). He’s finally able to sit still to listen to a story – sometimes.

There’s not many things that he dislikes but there are a few. Brushing his teeth and being told no, for instance. He is stubborn.

Some of his favorite foods are pancakes, waffles, pretzels, crackers, peaches, grapes, blueberries, bananas, frozen peas, and cheese. He likes most fruits and very few vegetables. He doesn’t like to try new things.

I’m not sure what a typical two year old knows but I feel like Jacob is really smart for his age!

Body Parts he can identify: head, hair, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, face, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, back, chest, belly, bellybutton, bottom, pee-pee, legs, knees, feet, toes

Body parts he can say: head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, back, belly, knee, feet

Colors he can identify: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, black, brown, white. Sometimes gray (sometimes he calls it black and sometimes he calls it brown)

Colors he can say: red, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, black, brown, white, gray

Animal Sounds he can make: dog, cat, elephant, lion, alligator/crocodile (claps hands), sheep, cow, duck,

Counting: He can count to three without fail. He can sometimes count up to five. He can hold his fingers up for one and five.

Letters: He can pick out the letter D and O. When given only a few choices he can pick out more letters (he’s done E and F for sure, I am not sure of all the others he has done)

Words: He says tons of words. Here are what I could think of: airplane, applesauce, apricot, baa, baby, back, bad, bag, ball, balloon, banana, barney, bath, battery, bean, bear, bed, bee, belly, bib, big, black, block, blue, boat, book, boot, bonk, bouncer, bowl, box, bracelet, Brandon, Brrr, brown, bubble, buckle, Buddy, bunny, Bye bye, candy, car, Cart, chair, Cheese, chicken, chip, chocolate, couch, cow, cracker, cross, daddy, deer, Diaper, digger, dip, doctor, doggy, door, Donald, Down, dragon, draw, dressing, drink, Duck, ear, eye, fan, Fishie, Five, Four, George, ghost, girl, giraffe, gobble, golf, golf cart, graham cracker, grandma, grandpa, gray, green, grinch, hand, haircut, hat, hello, hi, hot, jacket, jakey, Jesus, Kitty, Knee, Lawnmower, leaf, leg, library, light, Lolo, lotion, mail, mama, Man, me, Meow, mickey, Milk, mine, Minnie, Money, monkey, Monster, Moo, more, Mouth, Naughty, nice, night, no, nose, off, olive, on, one, ow, owie, pacifier, pancake, pants, Papa, Pear, peas, pee, Pee pee, Piggy, pink, Peaches, pilgrim, pizza, Please, Pool, pop, potty, pretzel, pumpkin, puzzle, Quack, radio, rain, Read, Red, ride, robot, Santa, Scarecrow, seat, Shhh, sheep, Shoe, snow, sock, spoon, syrup, teddy, Thank you, Three, tractor, Train, tree, truck, turkey, turtle, tv, two, uh oh, umbrella, vacuum, waffle, Walk, wall, walrus, wash, Water, wet, white, why, wind, witch, woah, Woof, Wow, yay, yellow, Yes, yogurt, yuck, yum, zip

At two years old Jacob’s evening routine is: dinner, bath with daddy, jammies on, playtime (usually on mom and dad’s bed but not always), milk, brush teeth, story (Good Night: A Touch and Feel Book) in the rocking chair in the bedroom, then into bed with his cross and pacifier (which we will be weaning him from this week!)

What else can I say about Jacob? He is a sweet little boy. He doesn’t like to see anyone upset and will give hugs and kisses if they are. He loves to laugh and make people laugh. He gets a little wild sometimes, usually at night. We are just crazy about him!

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  1. I just love reading these Em... Keeps me in the NOW!! You & Matt are very blessed with 2 wonderful kids... Makes me smile! :)



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