Friday, December 31, 2010

Jordan Matthew: Three Months

Yesterday Jordan turned three months old. He weighs 13 lbs 3 oz and is 24 inches long. His head circumference is 40cm. These measurements were taken at home so they may not be 100% accurate, especially his weight. He still has blue eyes and red hair. He is getting a little more hair but he is also getting a little bald spot on the back of his head from sleeping on his back. He still has a little bit of fuzz on his ears. He is wearing mostly 0-3 month clothes, with some newborn still and some 3 month or 3-6 month.

Jordan sleeps ten hours most nights. He usually goes down between 10-10.30pm and he usually gets up between 8-8.30am. He sleeps swaddled in the bassinet in our bedroom with the NICU frog on his chest. Although the frog usually slides off during the night. When Jordan wakes up, he lays calmly in his bassinet cooing to himself until someone comes to get him. Rarely does he cry when he wakes up. Once he sees us come over to him, he gets the biggest smile on his face. It's a great way to start the morning.

Jordan is still 100% breastfed. He's also been taking bottles of pumped breastmilk since I went back to work. He does well taking these. He still goes through phases where he is a terrible nurser but he's getting better. He usually goes 4-6 hours between feedings but will occasionally nurse after 2 hours. He still never spits up (polar opposite of how Jacob was) but he has started bubbling and drooling.

He coos a lot and smiles a lot. He squeals in excitement. He smiles on command. If I say "Can you smile?" or "Do you have smiles for Mama" he will smile. So cute! Weird. But cute. He makes laughing sounding coos but no giggles that I would consider to be real laughing yet.

Jordan usually enjoys tummy time. His favorite thing, though, is to snuggle. He likes to be held constantly. He is getting better about being put down without crying. He spends some time in his swing or his bouncer or his tummy time mat. He also likes sitting in his bebepod for a few minutes. He's getting really good at holding his head up. He can sit supported.

Now that Jordan is getting bigger and can fit into more of his diapers, he wears cloth almost 100% of the time now. This makes me very happy. We still put an occasional paper diaper on him though. Now I am trying to get back in the habit of using cloth wipes instead of disposable wipes. They are much nicer on his bum.

This past month we celebrated Jordan's first Christmas. Between our families, we had 5 Christmas celebrations. Jordan did really well with everything. Of course, he has no idea what is going on yet. Santa brought Jordan a tummy time mat, an inflatable penguin (both of which Jacob had lol), a Lil Shoppers fill and spill toy, a crawl along snail toy, new pacifiers and new bottle nipples. None of the toys he can really use yet but he enjoys laying on his mat and looking at his snail. The rest he'll enjoy in another few months.

Well I will leave with some pictures from the last month.

Jordan & Mommy

Jordan & Uncle Seany

milk coma

Jacob, Jordan, and their best friend June

three months old!

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